Here are the biggest problems we see, along with our tested solutions!


One of the biggest problems for companies today is controlling losses and preventing on-the-job accidents. With insurance rates and Workers' Compensation rates already at an all-time high, there is a need for employers to implement a Loss Control and Prevention Management program in order to reduce their "Experience Modifier Rate," which in turn reduces their cost of insurance.

With the combination of HSE Management, Training, and a "Pro-Active" approach, Professional Safety Associates, Inc. provides its customers with a solution to Loss Control and Prevention. Although it takes the combined efforts of HSE Personnel, dedicated employees, and a commitment to excellence from management, Professional Safety Associates, Inc. has the tools and resources for all of our clients' Loss Control and Prevention Management needs.

Here are some of the services that Professional Safety Associates, Inc. provides to aid in the Loss Control and Prevention Management process:

 » "Experience Modifier Rate" Assessment
» Accident and "Near Miss" Trends Assessment
» Pro Active Safety Training Programs
» Job Safety Analysis Program and Training

» "Near Miss" Reporting and Training
» Organization of Internal Safety Teams
» Insurance Policy and Rate Assessment
» Health Safety & Environmental (HSE) 
» Technician


Taking a "Pro-Active" approach to our clients Safety Program sometimes includes the program's enhancement by providing Safety awards incentive program. At Professional Safety Associates, Inc. we offer our clients the opportunity to participate in our incentive program we call the "AIM" program. This program is designed to encourage our clients and their employees to "AIM HIGH" in the Environmental, Health, and Safety areas of their company, which in turn creates a positive attitude in all areas of the company. This gives employees a sense of accomplishment by earning incentives for their performance in the Safety area and helps employers maintain a safe workplace. Ask one of our representatives for details.


HSE Technicians typically provide observation, regulatory information, documentation, and make recommendations on all phases of operation, personal performance, equipment, procedures and the work environment that has an impact on Health, Safety, and the Environment.